Your donations will help in 2022

The Christmas Float has a special place in the hearts of Middleton people, it has been seen on the streets each year for over 65 years. The funds we collect from your donations, a sum in the thousands, will be given back to charities, individuals and good causes in the Middleton area. Over the last few years your generosity has funded:

  • Helped to build a community garden

  • Supported local schools to make sure all children can go on educational trips abroad

  • Supported local youth sports organisations such as football and gymnastics clubs, jujutsu and boxing clubs, trampolining and cricket clubs

  • Helped to provide defibrillators

  • Supported local talent such as our world beating ballroom dancers

  • Funded local theatre productions and workshops

  • Supported local club Archaeological Society and Brass Band with their overheads

  • Helped fund local neonatal care

  • Helped buy new equipment to replace old and worn out items for our local uniformed groups and church

  • Funded the Life Education caravan so it could visit two schools per year

  • Funded flowers and planters in support of our local in bloom efforts

The list goes on.

None of this funding would have been possible without your help and that’s why it is vital that we raise as much as we can. Unfortunately 2022 could well be a particular bad year for charities and local groups and without your donations we cannot assist them. So please consider making a contribution and together we can support our town in 2022.